Mikkeller &
Social Responsibility

Mikkeller places coporate and social responsibility as a key pilllar of our brand and values.


Zero Foodprint

For the past four years, a number of Mikkeller retail spaces have worked with the organisation Zero Foodprint to collect money to support local and regenerative farming projects in order to create healthier soil that increase biodiversity and sequesters carbon. Mikkeller have collected a total of 1.3 million DKK.


Sustainable merchandise

We use GOT certified apparel whenever possible and prioritize working with suppliers who have a sustainability profile.

Our goal is that 80% of our merchandise collection will be made of GOT certified apparel.


De Proef Brouwerij
production developments

The main part of Mikkeller’s beer is brewed at de Proef Brouwerij in Belgium. The brewery has initiated a number of sustainability projects, among others water recovery, gas usage reduction, installation of solar panels, testing of locally grown grains.


Safe’n Fresh tap cleaning system

Mikkeller has taken the lead in implementing a new sustainable cleaning system at bars and restaurants.

The system, Safe'n Fresh, is developed by the Danish company SUBD and does both the environment and Mikkeller's employees a favor by eliminating the use of chemicals in the cleaning.


Mental and
physical health

We have implemented:

  • A global company policy about equality, harassment, sexism and communication. Work Environment Organizations (WEO) in countries in which we have work places. Currently implemented in Denmark and in progress in the UK.
  • Safer Space initiatives at our annual beer festival Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen (MBCC).
  • Digital Code of Conduct for respectful communication.
  • Mikkeller Running Club (MRC) Code of conduct for behavior.
  • Bias-aware recruitment.
  • We are one of the main drivers and sponsors of the Planning Committee for Crafting an Inclusive Brewing Industry.

Working Culture

Mikkeller is consistently working to promote and strengthen a safe and inclusive working culture.

Mikkeller Running Club

The Mikkeller Running Club is a worldwide running club with 200 chapters in different cities around the world. The club balances fun and socializing with a healthy lifestyle.

We want people to keep in shape, but we also want them to have fun, enjoy life and find new friends.


Ask for Nomi

Ask for Nomi, otherwise known as 'Ask for Angela' is a campaign which started in the UK in 2016. The codeword and explanation is implemented at all our locations and serves the purpose of informing the bar or restaurant staff that one is in danger and in need of intervention.

When an employee hears this, they will bring the customer into a safe and/or neutral location where they can call a taxi or reunite with friends. 'Ask for Nomi' also serves as an open statement that Mikkeller does not tolerate cases of harassment or abuse of any kind.


Røde Kors Klub 10

Mikkel Bjergsø, founder and CEO of Mikkeller, was chosen to be a Red Cross Club 10 ambassador for 2021/2022 with the aim of raising money for the organisation.
Mikkel together with Mikkeller initiated a range of events and projects to raise money for the Red Cross.

The participation in Red Cross’ Club 10 raised +1 million DKK.

Each year the Red Cross appoint new Club 10 members, but Mikkel Bjergsø continues as a Red Cross Club 100 ambassador.

Read more about Mikkel’s participation in Red Cross Club 10 here.


Through our beer festival MBCC we have supported the orginization Hjernebarnet and have donated +500.000 DKK.


Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Fund

Each year we donate beer to different charity events. For instance we support an auction for severely sick children and their families at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

Beers for charities

Every year we brew a number of beers for charity and donate all or some of the proceeds to different charities. During the recent years we have brewed:

Free Beer

We made this beer in collaboration with Warpigs and Vitalii Karvyha from Berryland Cidery as a way to support him in his quest to rebuild his cidery, which has been destroyed as a result of the Russian invasion.

Danish Deaf Association

In collaboration with the Danish Deaf Association, Mikkeller created a tasting box and a beer. The purchase of the box and the beer supports Danish deaf and Danish sign language programs.

We have also helped creating awareness through different events; Friday bars and virtual tastings in sign language.


A collaboration beer, brewed with Flying Couch to support Hjernebarnet.

Freedom Berries

A beer brewed with the Ukranian brewery 2085 to support Ukraine.

Have any questions or suggestions?

Having any ideas for a future charity project or question about any of our ongoing initiatives? Please get in touch here.

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